Open Circuit Technical Training at Diver or Instructor Level

Performance Diver– Develop your skills to gain a solid foundation in whichever configuration you use regularly and take your diving further. 2- 3 days 4 – 6 dives

Deco 40– Recreational decompression course for those divers that want to stay that little bit longer where up to 10 minutes of decompression time would allow it. Deco 40 teaches you just that, learning to use setups to extend your bottom time with redundancy and without the need to go into full technical setups.  5 days 5-7 Dives

Deco 50– Learn to use a full setup for 50m on limited trimix with a single stage for up to 30min of deco. Entry level technical diving program (Deco 40 not required). 8 Days 8-11 dives


Deco 60– Normoxic trimix for dives up to 60m with multiple stage handling skills, dive planning for maximum bottom time and learning bottom staging to extend out your dives. 5 Days 5-6 dives

Deco 80/100– Full trimix certification for 80m or 100m diving with multiple stages (available soon)

Sidemount– Learn to dive sidemount to the level of your training. Configuration training for recreational through to overhead sidemount.

Advanced Wreck– Learn correct method for wreck penetration, line laying skills, use of longhose configuration for gas sharing exits and gas management to reduce risks while in the wreck overhead environment.


Instructor Programs

Learn to teach The RAID programs with one of the developer and writers for RAID Technical.

Gradient recommends that all candidates assist on a program at the level they wish to certify at with a member of our team. This will give you as the candidate the extra insight into finer details on teaching more advanced diving courses to better both your teaching and the safety and enjoyment of your future students.

Rebreather training

Divesoft Liberty Sidemount (MOD 1 and 2)


Divesoft Liberty Backmount  (MOD 1 and 2)

CCR Mine Diver

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